Energy Conscious Investments

Energy Conscious Investments design and install renewable energy systems.

Photovoltaic Panel Installation

We can install systems on most buildings, whether it be your home, an out-house or a barn.

The electrical power produced is then integrated into you existing electricity supply; any power that you don't use is exported to the national grid.

Heat energy produced is integrated into your homes heating and hot water systems by our skilled engineers.

There are various schemes and grants available that vary by the type of system installed.

With practically zero maintenance and a reduction in your energy bills its definitely worth investigating.

This site aims to explain the benefits of different types of renewable energy systems. Answer some common photovoltaic questions and provide you with some useful information.

Renewable energy system types:

Solar Doctor

Some of our latest solar installations

We have also just started installing Sun Tunnels they can dramatically brighten up a space with no natural light.

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